Studio Lenca 

Mile of String , Horniman Museum London
During March 2019 a group of Year 12 students and I were commissioned by Goldsmiths University and The Horniman Museum to produce a new work that aimed to decolonise the Horniman Museum. We created a performance piece that saw myself and the students insert a web of elastic in the Horniman’s conservatory making it difficult for everyone to navigate the space freely. The work was a comment on the lack of access my local students face at the Horniman as an institution. For me, the most remarkable thing was the agency students asserted through their bodies to reveal and challenge the institutional construction of their identities. In this instance an embodied pedagogy or learning that brings together the body and mind (Nguyen & Larson, 2015, p. 332) was used for ‘reflection and action at the structures to be transformed’ (Freire, 1996, p. 165).
El Salvador - England